Jennifer Caminiti

My full time JOB is a Director of Marketing in the world of wholesale furnishings.

My full time PASSION is Creativity in a themed world. Whether its coming up with props and outfits for a photo shoot, or designing a card for a particular birthday theme or color scheme, I love taking all aspects of throwing an event and making it into one complete cute package!

When I started my business 9 years ago, it was solely a video montage business. Clients gave me photos and I created a montage to music. When a friend of mine wanted maternity photos for a montage, I took out my “fancy” Canon Rebel, threw up a sheet for a backdrop and open my pop up lighting and took a few belly shots. They actually turned out pretty good, and I took a few classes, upgraded my equipment and added a new photography division to my business.

During the holidays, ideas started coming to me for holiday cards. Unique designs that coordinated with each session. I started selling holiday greeting cards, which then expanded to Easter & Valentines cards. After a senior grad session, ideas for Grad announcements came to me. I started selling my cards on Etsy and another division of the company was born. I now sell all my cards & invitations on my own website. I am adding products and other gifts to the site all the time!

Being in the Interior Design industry for over 20 years, I have come to know many designers. Since I already had the photography & marketing background, it seemed only natural to expand into yet another division specializing in branding for businesses.

Motivation, drive, creativity, hostessing, party planning, helping others, listening, sharing ideas and multi-tasking all come together to create this brand called Jennifer Caminiti. Let’s do something creative together.