Red Whirly Lollipops



Big carnival-style lollipops are a high-impact way to jazz up one of the easiest colors for a candy buffet! Bulk Red Whirly Pops lollipops will go a long way and are instantly reminiscent of amusement parks and birthday parties from childhood. These classic confections look incredible at the top of a treat bag or assembled in a flower pot.

Theme an event around nostalgic enjoyment or just bring some pop to a display or cake decoration with a row of these oversized red and white suckers. The spiral design that gives Whirly Pops their name is beautifully bright in red with crisp white stripes.

This color palette makes the wholesale suckers a stunning choice for Christmas, but red is a year-round color, and these lollipops are a year-round candy! Enjoy sweet indulgence on a stick as soon as you peel away the logo-emblazoned wrapper on each Whirly Pop. There are a few candies more festive than vintage-inspired lollipops, and these big red lollies are perfect example.

About 1.5 ounces per lollipop

Diameter: 3 Inches
Total Length: 7 Inches

Price per pop $1.83

Whirly Pop logo is on each wrapper.

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